Barrier Free Showers

Barrier Free Showers

A Barrier free shower gives independence to anyone with a mobility issue. Whether you are first-time homeowners, empty nesters, looking to age in place, or moving in an elderly parent, everyone in your household will benefit from the universal design of a barrier-free shower. The size, shape, and style of these user-friendly showers are limited only by your imagination, budget, and available space. We built many showers in many different configurations based on the mobility needs of the client. Envision an airy and open wet room equipped with spa-like fittings, or colorfully tiled walk-in showers for two, or prefabricated units dressed with a pretty shower curtain.

At Accessible Renovations

We can recess a shower pan down into your existing floor, giving ease of rolling in with a chair, or entering with a walker unimpeded. We can recess a shower pan almost anywhere, in concrete floors, wood floors, on the second story of your home, and yes, even Post Tension Slabs can be tensioned to accept a recessed pan. We can provide a ramp into your existing shower, tiled and sloped, or build a new shower with a ramp into it and still drain the water.

No one else does it like Accessible Renovations.

Accessible Renovations uses the state of the art water membrane & waterproofing technology of Schluter Systems. Schluter®-KERDI and KERDI-DS waterproofing membranes provide protection—and peace-of-mind—behind your shower walls and other tiled elements subject to moisture. KERDI and KERDI-DS are pliable, sheet-applied, bonded waterproof membranes and vapor retarders with limited crack-bridging capabilities. Accessories made out of KERDI, including waterproofing strips, seamless corners, and pipe and mixing valve seals help complete the waterproofing process to ensure that your shower or bath surround is well protected against mold and mildew. When it comes to roll in, barrier free, accessible showers, no one does it with the style and innovation of Accessible Renovations.