Grab Bars

Grab Bars

For many people with mobility issues grab bars mean independence in the shower. In most cases, we install two, one vertical and one horizontal. Many clients require multiple bars in various locations and custom placement is always case specific tailored to the client’s mobility needs.

Grab bars are safety devices designed to enable a person to maintain balance, to lessen fatigue while standing, hold some of their own weight while maneuvering, or have something to grab onto in case of a slip or fall.

A caregiver may use a grab bar to assist with transferring a patient from one place to another. For many people, it is the added assurance needed to bathe independently with confidence

Accessible Renovations is an authorized Moen Home Care Dealer and we stock over 200 grab bars in White and Satin finishes, ready for immediate installation, in some cases, within 24 hours.

There are hundreds of other innovative and stylish Home Care Products available and custom or special order bars or railings are a unique feature of Accessible Renovations. We can fabricate custom grab bars and hand railing designed specifically for your existing décor and finish it in almost any color in our fabrication shop.

For the business owner, property manager or office we are a Title 24 Compliant company and we understand your need to minimize exposure to not having your public restrooms ADA compliant. We can install any type of grab bar for your home or office situation.

Needing grab bars in your home?

Protect yourself and your family from falls by installing a grab bar in your home!