Accessibility Ramps

At Accessible Renovations, we understand the needs of people with mobility issues. Ramps play an important role in entering and exiting buildings, they are a key part to Landscaping for accessibility, to maintain curb appeal to your home or business, serve a function and to adhere to general aesthetics. There are dozens of types of ramps for any situation from simple wood built, to concrete, to metal, each with their own budget and appeal.

Modular Ramps

A modular type ramp is sometimes desired due to its ability to not be permanent. This type of ramp can be installed with limited impact to the surrounding area and be removed later if needed, The TITAN™ Code Compliant Modular Access System is 100% compliant with ADA, IBC, and local code guidelines. The Titan Code Compliant Modular Access system is your best accessibility solution for modular structures, portable classrooms, or site-built structures. The Titan system, comprised of the highest quality ramps, platforms, and steps, is custom designed for your unique needs by modular experts. The Titan system can be configured to suit most applications, and optional powder coating is also available for aesthetic concerns.

Modular Ramp Features:


Permanent Extruded Slip-Resistant Tread

Welded, extruded ramp and riser for reinforced strength and a permanent slip-resistant walking surface.

ADA and IBC Compliant

The TITANCode Compliant Modular Access System is compliant with all ADA and IBC standards and guidelines for you and your customers safety.

High Quality All Aluminum Design

The TITANCode Compliant Modular Access System is made completely out of aluminum which is lightweight and will not erode over time in the outdoor elements.

Easy to Configure

The TITANCode Compliant Modular Access System is easy to install, reconfigure, relocate, and accommodates virtually any layout or lot configuration.

Safe & Compliant

The Titan™ Code Compliant Modular Access System is expertly engineered to provide safe, ADA and IBC compliant access to mobile modular buildings, portable classrooms, churches, temporary job sites, and more.

Concrete Ramps

Concrete ADA ramps and pathways are a permanent solution to building accessibility. Accessible Renovations specializes in non-conforming concrete installation. Making concrete twist and turn and slope and be comfortable in a universal design setting is a difficult task that we take on constantly. Custom concrete work is available in many colors and textures to match your home or building's current decor.

Wooden Ramps

Wood ramps allow for a wide variety of accessibility at a fairly low cost. Wood ramps are also a nice way to enhance your home with the all-natural beauty of a wood. The wood decking is spaced to allow for drainage as well as natural expansion and contraction.