Title 24 Compliant

A Title 24 Compliant Company.

Title 24 of the California Building Code is a myriad of language and legal jargon that Property Managers, Business Owners and Commercial/Rental Property Owners need to be constantly aware of. California Building codes are the toughest in the Nation and Accessible Renovations is here to help you navigate this ever-changing set of rules, guidelines and laws. Because we are an Accessibility Company, we Consult with Property Owners and their Managers, work closely to protect against costly litigation and provide resources to keep their products and services available to everyone.

California and Federal regulations provide a comprehensive set of standards covering almost all important areas of accessibility for persons with physical and sensory disabilities. California's Building Standards Codes (Physical Access Regulations) are found in Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), and are designed to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and State statutes.

Commercial Property must be in compliance with Accessibility, Lighting, Water Management, Signage and Parking Access at all times. We are a full service Accessibility Company that understands the needs of the Owners, Managers and Tenants, and we can keep your property Title 24 compliant.

Voluntary compliance is an important component of an effective strategy for implementing Title III of the ADA. Private businesses that voluntarily comply with ADA accessibility requirements help to promote the broader objectives of the ADA by increasing access for persons with disabilities to the goods, services, and facilities available in our respective communities. Certification facilitates voluntary ADA compliance by assuring that certified state accessibility requirements meet or exceed ADA requirements. In this regard, business owners, builders, developers, architects, and others in the design and construction industry are benefited because, once a code is certified, they can refer to certified code requirements and rely upon them for equivalency with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Top 10 ADA Violations

  • SIGNAGE: missing, outdated or incorrect signage
  • PARKING: improper slope, incorrect dimensions
  • ACCESSIBLE ROUTES: missing signage, improper slope, hazardous conditions along route
  • CURB RAMPS: improper slope
  • PEDESTRIAN RAMPS: missing handrails, unleveled landings, inaccessible ramps
  • BATHROOMS: incorrect dimensions for eg. wheelchair clearance, or fixtures too high to reach
  • STAIRS: open risers, uneven treads, missing striping, missing handrails or at incorrect height
  • FIXED SEATING: lack of access for disabled patrons
  • DOORS: inadequate strike clearance, excessive opening force required
  • EXITS: missing or improper signage

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