ADA Signage

ADA signage can be very specific.

The following ten rules apply to signs that identify a room or space. Informational and directional signs don’t require Braille, however they follow many of the other rules below. Please read this entire guide for a comprehensive overview.

  • Signs that identify a room, space or area shall have raised characters and Braille.
  • Signs shall have a non-glare finish with contrasting colors.
  • Pictograms shall be in their own 6” high field. Add the ISA symbol if accessible.
  • Characters shall be Sans Serif and all Uppercase.
  • Characters must be between 5/8” and 2” with a minimum of 1/8” spacing.
  • Font shall be ADA compliant. Not too bold, condensed, italic, etc.
  • 3/8” minimum margin is required around all raised elements including Braille.
  • 1” high space is required for one line of Braille.
  • Braille shall be all together and 3/8” to 1 2” below last line of text.
  • ADA signs are required for both public access areas and all employee areas.