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California's Premier Accessibility Remodeling Company


We are a full-service accessibility renovation company.

From small home modifications to large remodels. What sets us apart? Accessibility is our only focus. Mobility issues are something that many people face every day. Others may face accessibility challenges temporarily due to injury. No matter what situation you face, Accessible Renovations is here to help.



We serve all kinds of people and their needs.

We understand that for some people it is important to stay in their homes as long as possible. Others have more serious debilitating mobility issues, even parents of a child who require special needs. Property managers and business owners who want to make their shops, stores, offices, and restaurants more accessible for their customers call us to make it happen. We have even had the honor of helping returning military who were wounded serving our country.



What are you waiting for?

Mobility issues can affect anyone at any time. No matter what your needs are Accessible Renovations can get you the accessibility you need with the style, innovation, and functionality you desire. All at an affordable price.

What We Do


Accessibility for the home owner can be a daunting proposition. For us it doesn’t matter if the project is a single grab bar install or a larger whole home renovation or anything in between. Accessible Renovations is here to help each and every client with their own custom mobility needs, and we are available anytime for consultation throughout the project.


Accessibility for Commercial Property requires constant monitoring of ever changing laws, codes, and guidelines. Property managers and business owners are under constant threat of exposure to fines, fees, and even litigation if the property is not Title 24 (ADA) compliant. Accessible Renovations can provide consultation to assess these issues and make a plan to get them rectified in a timely, cost effective manner.


What does the term ACCESSIBLE mean?

Accessibility is something that is taken for granted, until you no longer have it. Having been in the construction business for over 20 years, working on large commercial projects, and remodeling countless houses purely for aesthetics, it occurred to us that the needs of homes, shops, restaurants and commercial spaces CHANGE. Many homes and businesses were designed with many barriers to someone with a mobility issue. The needs of a building evolve with its occupants. With an ever-growing aging population and the expanding needs of persons of all ages with different types of mobility issues, Accessible Renovations was born. A company with compassion, innovation, and an understanding of the ever-changing needs people have with accessibility.